Vision Frame

Core Story

Phoenix Christian Reformed Church is a congregation of real people building relationships that reflect the grace of Jesus.

Sunup. Sundown.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

For most of us, most of the time, life moves like clockwork.

We complete tasks and check boxes, becoming the sum of our day-in, day-out lives.

Mostly, this is good. Diligent people accomplish much this way while (usually) keeping the chaos of the world at bay.

But did you ever wonder if a well-lived life could be more—that each action could contain more joy, love, and purpose?

We did.

We wanted more out of life than simply to “check boxes.”

We wanted deep and meaningful relationships with others both like and unlike us.

We hoped to see our children grow, not just in skill, but in kindness and compassion.

And we longed to engage our faith in a way that was more than a “Sunday morning experience.”

We wanted to be more like Christ, allowing His life to change us profoundly, then inspire us to take meaningful action in our world.

Here’s what we’re finding—and what we invite you to discover with us:

You can enrich your life with God in a thoughtful environment filled with love.

You can encounter people who speak the language of God’s grace toward you—people who also know how much they need His grace, too.

And you can find ways to work with God in His world, to reach out beyond comfort and routine and truly love your neighbor as yourself.

We’re Phoenix Christian Reformed Church: Following Jesus together.

Will you join us?